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Niraj Patil is a designer, developer and creative director.
He lives in Oakland, CA and works at Sparkart.
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Selling Stories.

I helped Bay Area retailer Man Made It sell unique, hand-crafted goods through a rich storytelling and store platform. See my work.

Branding, Content Strategy, Copywriting
User Interface Design, Front-End Development
Sparkart project

Bringing power to the people.

I worked with Redbox to define and design Redbox Tickets. It’s currently in beta (and doing well!) in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

User Interface Design, Visual Design
Sparkart project

Creating a universe.

I re-designed Sparkart’s website. Again. But this time, I created more meaning, added more colors and threw in more 'Awesome!'

Branding, Visual Design, Front-End Development

Saving Comic City.

My brother Sagar and I love comics, specially independent ones. So we’re building an app that lets comic creators, artists and fans appreciate them together. More details soon.

User Interface Design, Visual Design
Front-End Development

Riding the dark wave.

Goth / New Wave band Tremor Low are your worst nightmare, and also great friends of mine. I regularly design for them. One would almost say I’m the un-official fifth member.

Ok, maybe only I would say that. Either way, check them out.

Visual Design, Packaging Design

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